Youtube Thumbnail Generator V1.0 Features

Youtube Thumbnail Generator Features - Version 1.0

Simple              : Youtube Thumbnail Generator is a simple online tool  to grab youtube                                                             generated thumbnails
Fast                  : It generates youtube video thumbnails in fraction of a second. So, no need to spend                                       more time
Free                  : It is absolutely free to get youtube video thumbnails
URL Support   : It generates video thumbnails for 8 types of URL's. Below are the supported Youtube                                      URL's

    Type 1:
    Type 2:
    Type 3:
    Type 4:
    Type 5:
    Type 6:
    Type 7:
    Type 8:

Adding more Features... 


  1. Hi Pradeep !
    Thx for a great tool.
    Could it be possible to add the ability to post a time-specific youtube-url?
    You know: Make me a thumb from this specific place in the video?

    1. Thanks.
      1) Yes, it is possible to post embed youtube url with start and end time. Here is the sample code you need to add to the video url with start and end time
      ?start=[your start time]&end=[your end time]&version=3
      Calculate and Replace [your start time] and [your end time] seconds.

      2) I don't think it is possible to make video thumbnail at specific time in the video. However there might be possible workaround if you try to download video on to your PC and then take snapshot with video player(if option available).